Photographic memory; tech geek; graduated at the top of his law school class; wins David v. Goliath cases. What more could you want in an attorney?

An Attorney – with Super Powers – For Today’s Digital Marketplace

Dan Warner is an Arizona-based lawyer who focuses on issues related to Internet law, bankruptcy law and startup law. A partner at Kelly Warner, Dan was gifted with a photographic memory – a skill that frequently proves beneficial for his clients. After all, who better to develop ultra-detailed-oriented deals and contracts than someone with reading retention super powers?

David v. Goliath Litigation Success

In addition to being exceptionally useful on the advisory side, Dan is also an accomplished litigator. He’s won David v. Goliath cases and collected on the damages; he’s structured startups that went on to make millions; and, he’s solved clients’ problems with a single letter.

Learn More About Lawyer Daniel Warner

To learn more about Mr. Warner – schooling, awards recognition, likes, and dislikes – head here. To find out more about his law firm, Kelly Warner, click here.